Switched to Tailwind CSS and View Components

I've added Tailwind CSS and ViewComponent to the WIP codebase.

What started out two weeks ago as a "quick experiment" soon turned into a long rabbit hole of refactoring large parts of the codebase. With each change, affecting something else in the codebase, requiring another change and so forth.

Today I finally reached a point where I considered the changes shippable. So starting today, things might look a bit different on WIP.

Some parts will work better, while other parts might still look a bit weird or are a little bit buggy.

But long-term these changes will make it easier for me to add new functionality and improve the design. I really disliked the previous CSS setup we had where I continuously had to switch between HTML and CSS and extracting common styles to be used across different components just lead to a mangled mess. No more!

Please bear with me while I continue to work out the kinks. And like always please let me know any issues you run into or your suggestions for design enhancements.

Really liking the new look!

I found a super minor cosmetic issue with the tag selector when writing a todo. Probably one to put at the bottom of the fix-it list. Here's a screen recording:

Still works as expected when the form is submitted. Using Chrome on Mac.

Thanks for the heads up! This is now fixed. CC'ing @nathanwailes who reported something similar