Suspended account of cloudflare

Recently i bought the domain from cloudflare, and today i recieved an email saying me that they suspended my account because i violated T&C. Has this ever happened to you? thanks for reading it! Captura de pantalla 2024-05-22 202546.png 31.2 KB

I assume that they think the domain is close to and that it might be used for phishing. Also, it was purchased using an anonymized email address, which increases the suspicion level. So, I'm not surprised.

Also, it seems that they've just limited your ability to buy new domains - not outright disabled the account.

What were you planning to use the domain for? I think that getting your account reactivated involves emailing them and telling them that you had some legitimate use for the domain.

Yeah the email is a bit funny, but the word stripe is so general they can not suspend a account for that I think.

Ey thank you very much Philip!

I was going to use it for a SaaS.

I just bought a domain at cloudflare, now probelm so far.

@marc did you experienced something like that, seen your post with the 300 domains at cloudflare.

No, haven't had any issues with them. I think @philipithomas made some fair points.

It might be automated. Note that they say "possible Terms of Service violation".

To @philipithomas' point, Stripe is a registered trademark and they might have had too many issues with TM infringement that they are better of automatically suspending accounts (while providing a way to reinstate legit ones) rather than the other way around where they'd face the threat of litigation.

I'd just reach out to the email address they provide and clear things up.

Thanks for your reply Marc, makes sense.