Struggling with pricing: Please help

I am creating a product on an accidental idea I had a couple of weeks back.

I created an MVP and posted a video of it in action on reddit and to my surprise it blew up.

I even posted a coming soon page where I collected some emails...

Now I have more or less finished developing the product as a SAAS offering.

I have no idea how to price it as this field is new to me.

Anyone with an SEO, content marketing background can help throw some light on it. 

What would be the typical pricing structure of SAAS apps in this feild.

Also, What would YOU consider a fair price for it as a monthly subscription.

I appreciate your help

This looks useful!

The right price depends more on your target market than it does on the tool itself. What are your potential customers currently doing to solve this problem? How much does it cost them? How does your tool help with that? Does it alleviate the pain?

Usually when you can’t price something, that’s a good sign you need to conduct more user interviews.

That said, you can also use yourself as a model. Are you using this tool? How much time/pain is it relieving?

from the response it seems to alleviate pain. It definitely does for me. Its my go to resource before I write any blog post. I feel much much more confident that I am writing about the correct keywords (that will rank) once I use this to make a list. I probably need to conduct more user interviews. Thanks a lot

Try ass-pricing.

To quote Jason Fried from Basecamp:
"How do we set prices? We have something we call Ass-pricing, which is basically pull a price out of your ass and go, eh, that sounds about right. That’s how we started. When we first started Basecamp, I believe it was $19, $39, and $59, and we were like, that just feels about right. I don’t know. (...) Over the years, we’ve tried a bunch of different pricing models, and they’ve all just been like, well, what feels about right to try?" 😁

lol ass-pricing sounds a lot like “do whatever everyone else is doing and see if it works”

that is hilarious, awesome piece of SAAS history

Hey, @all_over_the_place, are you still working on this project/keeping up with it? Because this looks awesome!

I checked it out and see you have pricing up. (Well done! 👏)

  • Have you narrowed down your ideal target audience and know their struggles?
  • Do you still want input on this project to develop it further?

I'm a brand and content strategist, and this tool looks right up my alley both for my own content and for my clients'.

Also, if you're still taking suggestions, have you considered creating a separate Enterprise plan for ghostwriters and/or marketing agencies that makes it most cost effective to access more credits in bulk?