Stripe payment link?

Hello WIP do you know if it's possible to have a payment form hosted directly on Stripe? Or is it mandatory to have a website to host the form?

I'd like a link I can send by email to buy my product without any hosting/backend

I think there isn't a solution where you can just send a link with stripe... but you can create a free typeform page with a stripe button and then send the link to the typeform page (…)

Yes I think I will use typeform, it's the simplest wrapper around stripe. Or a carrd one pager with a checkout button

Yes it's possible with Stripe Checkout.

You will need a static website where you will need to add a Stripe script which will be triggered when user will press a button.

After that the user will be go to Stripe website and enter credit cards details (I think you can't customize fields but you can add your logo and color), and after user will go back to your website (you can choose what the page).

I tired and it's pretty easy to setup. Works for subscription and not subscription products.

Also you can send auto emails from Zapier when you will receive successful payment.

P.S. I will cost a bit more compared to usual Stripe with back-end.

More info:…