Stripe Atlas for non-US citizens

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹

I'm thinking of creating an LLC company for โ˜’ with Stripe Atlas, as I read that they offer a 0 processing fee up to $100K

While I was filling up the form they asked for a US address which I don't have as I'm an EU citizen based in Spain.

Also, in the form, when you select the type of structure (in my case LLC), it says "If you are not a US citizen, taxes may be more complicated".

So, I thought about asking the question here as maybe any other founders went through the same as a good bunch of WIP members are from EU.

Any tips are much appreciated!

Thanks in advance, Rod ๐Ÿ™

So this is a though one to get right, from a tax perspective Europe is pretty even (you have different corporate tax rates but dividend for example are almost the same)

I looked into some structures for Homestra (since we are kinda in the same market) and could not so many major benefits going outside Europe because you get in a lot of tax complications for yourself but also your customers.

So far I run most of my stuff out of NL or UK, the UK is pretty nice for companies and you can pretty easily invoice yourself even as a director.

I would personally incorporate in your country of origins and only look at complex structures once you are above 500k ARR (from what I found that is the point you can really start making a difference)

Thanks sooooo much Klass!

I used Firstbase ( for my LLC. I'm from Chile (South America), so I don't really know specifics about the EU tax situation. But if you need to open an LLC, I would compare it with Stripe Atlas. I remember it was a lot easier to set up the process, banking situation, etc, compared to Stripe Atlas at the moment (and cheaper)

Tip: regarding income and taxation, you can use your company bank and credit card, and spend your company's money, so you don't "pay yourself" or make any transaction to yourself that could count as income for your EU income/tax details. Of course, that only applies when you are starting, or if there isn't that much company income.

But yeah, taxation is always tricky

Gracias Diego ๐Ÿ˜€