Should you refrain from copying/remixing a WIP product?

How would you feel about WIP members making a product similar to yours? Would you remix an existing WIP product that doesn't suit your need?

No ideas are original, everything is a remix... right? 😄 I think that competition is inevitable in any market worth pursuing. Being mad and stressed out about it is something that we're inflicting ourselves but is it really a productive behavior? Syndicating to grow the market together seem like a better approach to me but i'm curious to know where WIP stands on this?

Should we frown upon internal competition or celebrate it?

I think that ideas overlapping is inevitable, so there's nothing to worry about. Also, competition is an engine of the progress, so maybe this will boost the productivity :)

I know Fuck Facebook but did you know Facebook has so many copies in Russian, Chinese & in many languages you don't even know exist. But no one ever catched up to Facebook because it adapted. So don't be a baby when someone copies you, be flattered. Let them copy, make sure they don't catch up with you. If they offer something better than you then obviously people will choose their product. Competition brings the best out of you. If Gumroad would have did it right then SendOwl or Paddle wouldn't have existed. But they are the same ideas. As Adil said its inevitable.

Which product do you wanna copy? 👀

Rayfeed 👹 haha jk!
The question is not about me... i have more projects that i can handle already😅 It's about how, as a community, we see somebody that starts working on the same thing or makes a spinoff. Do you think this a behavior that should be condemned?

I think it should be encouraged. I would feel honored if someone decided my idea was cool enough to remix and would love to see their feedback... then I would look at their product and put those features in mine. ;)

Plus (friendly) competition never hurt.