Should pending todo's be sortable? #wip

Curious to hear how you decide which todo's to work on next, and whether (manually) sorting your todo's would make sense?

If you're working on multiple products, would you like to mix the sorting across products (harder to implement for me) or have it scoped per product? (relatively easy to implement).
  • What would you base the order on?
  • How often would you re-order your list?
  • Should new todo's be added to the bottom of the list?

I've been transferring most of my todos from Trello on over or just simply entering them as /done. I'll be more regularly doing the Trello to WIP transfers, but the ability to sort would be a nice feature. With or without though, it's still nice having the ability right now to add them as it is.

Yes, it would be amazing to sort them. You might think of ones and add them to your Todo list, but later you want to prioritize.

If by sortable, you mean to be able to drag and drop to prioritize. Yes, it will be amazing to be able to that.

Yeah, add new ones to the bottom of the list. And bring back when they were added! It was great for prioritizing the backlog.

To me having them separated and sortable by product would be enough

a per product sequential list would be useful.

@petrsuska said he’d love prioritizing tasks