Should I built this site like a SPA or not?

Hi, Currently I'm building a platform for dog owners (already a lot of people have registered for the launch The idea is a bit like twitter and wip. There should be a timeline where people can post images etc. about there dogs. I realy like how twitter is built it's super fast and the layout is amazing. I'm trying something simular with internia.js It's kind of a SPA (single page app) it only requests js files when needed. I already made a proof of concept and it's super super fast. I realy like it but i'm concerned about our SEO. How is google going to crawl our pages if we basically only have js files. Please let me know your thoughts about this. Should I go further on this path or not? Thanks!

Hi, if you want good SEO you'll need to implement a server-side rendering (SSR). I know nothing about inertiajs, but as the author noted - "This project is in the very early stages of development and IS NOT yet intended for public consumption". This is the main concern for me.

As I see you are using React on the FE. So for the SSR I'd go with Next.js in this case.

Not related, but it's recommended to disable redux devtools on prod, because I can see all your state.

Hey, thanks for your reply! I'm not using react or redux :) I use vue.js.

Ah, got it. It's coming from the helper you use, not good too though ; )

Thanks, I expect internia.js to become stable very soon, and I realy like it so maybe I will go for it. SEO is very important for me but like nomadlist I will built separated pages for things like profile pages etc. Thanks for your reply appreciate it!

If you use Vue.js, you could try the Nuxt.js, it was built for it.
Well, it's up to you. I always pay attention on how actively particular framework/library is being supported. Vue community is awesome.