Share and monetize your process, good idea or not?

Especially for application processes.
For example, I'm a design engineer. 
I want to create a 3D animation for a website. 
1. I use Blender: I modelize my object, then export .stl
2. I use Rive app: I import my stl, add colors and effects, export to .gbl
3. I use ThreeJS: I import my gbl and add the canvas to my hero.

This process is sold for $5 (maybe)

I think textual version of process is sometimes better than an hour-long youtube video.

What do you think? Should I go or not?

What's the risk either way?

In other words, do you even need other people to tell you yes or no to this, or could you just do it in a day, put a sales page up, and validate the idea directly already? What do you lose other than a bit of time?

Lose time of another project. But you right. I do that. Thanks. 👍

Hi David,

Selling a process, plugin, extension, library, etc is proven method in this digital age.

Writing about a process can be done, in a book. Do you have so much to write and are people waiting to buy it?

Where to see your blender/rive/threejs designs?

-- Robert

Hi Robert,

of course you can buy a book or you can read a video on youtube but, in my opinion, book for a digital process can be too much. Video can be so long for a short process.
I think many of us just need to read fast a high quality how-to. Personally I can buy a really high quality if I helps me produce something better.

Don't you ?

I subscribe to a few educational resources as well, so there is a proven business model.

yeah that's a really cool inspiration! I can propose sharing process for educational or scientific process! Thank you Robert!