Roast the landing page of a website builder

🥩 Roast

  • I'm not sure what your unique selling point is. Most website builders these days are responsive and don't require code.
  • There are too many blue blocks trying to grab my attention. I'd focus on just one ("Get started")
  • "Get started" seems boring. How about "Create my website" ?
  • "What type of website do I have in mind?" 👉 I'd like to see examples instead of just an icon and a label. Also will I be able to go back and change this later on? If so, say that so users will be more comfortable making a choice. Maybe even recommend one for people who aren't sure yet.
  • Actually, why not skip the step of having to create "Get started" and immediately show these options on the homepage? The fewer steps the better.
  • It also feels kinda weird right now having these options in this narrow sidebar. Is the whole user experience going to be so weird?
  • I chose "Personal" and now see a bunch of themes. That's cool, but many look very similar to each other.
  • The animations/transitions when browsing the themes feel sluggish
  • I now see the editor. I tried clicking the name to change it to mine, but it doesn't let me edit the text? I only see a sidebar show up to style it.
  • It seems like I can drag some of the elements on the page, but in most cases they just jump back to where they came from. After trying some more, I discovered there are certain places where they can go. But not anyway. If I drop the element on an unsupported place it just jumps back without explanation.

If I were a real user you'd lost me at this point. I found no way to customize the text and make it my own site.

I think the earlier you can make it feel like it's the user's personal creation, the more likely they are they feel invested and don't want to lose it. So the more likely they create an account.

I didn't spend too much time on the editor, as you asked us to roast the landing page. For feedback on the editor I think it's best to have people record their screen and explain their thought process.

🥂 Toast

  • Overall it does look quite simple
  • I really like the fact I can try out the product without needing to create an account
  • The site has its own identity. It looks different from all the other sites out there
  • The landing page does a decent job showing off the different features

Thanks a lot for the in-depth feedback! :)

I actually built the platform on Chrome and hadn't looked at Safari - a lot of the problems you encountered such as lag and text not being editable are due to browser issues unfortunately. I'll definitely look into these!

As for everything else, I agree, will work upon improving them 👍

Appreciate you taking a look