Roast my landing page for Pliik

I'm working with a company on a product that is currently in beta testing. We're about to launch it publicly, but I'm concerned about the landing page. I don't know if it is doing enough. So a few questions: 

  • Do you know what the product does?
  • Do you know why someone would use the product?
  • What improvements would you suggest?

I briefly scanned through the landing page as I would normally. I intentionally didn't read each and every paragraph.

To better mimic when seeing someone recommend it on Twitter, or finding it through a Google search, etc.

It seems like you somehow take customer tickets and turn them into a roadmap for me. I've never used Hubspot, so I'm not exactly sure what data it can provide.

I'm not sure what Pliik will provide me either. It can't possibly recommend fully thought-out feature ideas. I'd like to see a preview of what Pliik is going to suggest me and how.

When you have an unclear idea of what your customers want (for example because you're an established business and you're not doing daily customer support yourself).

  • Show a demo of what the product will look like
  • Prove to me that Hubspot has enough data to generate feature ideas from
  • The texts are hard to read. Low contrast and centered. Abstract language

Oh, turns out there's a demo. I completely missed that link initially. I'd just embed the video on the homepage.

Although I don't think the video actually demonstrates what the product is like. I just see a bunch of Airtable screenshots (?) and loud music.

I wonder if some static screenshots would do a better job communicating the product.

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. It echoes a lot of my gut feelings, so that's good to hear.