Justin Hunter


Founder, maker, writer. Built Graphite Docs and SimpleID. Taught myself to code in my 30s.
Joined July 2020
Connect API to front-end for auth
Wire up feedback to support public submissions like already exists with private subs
Connect front end to load public submission
Created endpoint for fetching public submissions
Create log in function
Update user row when email is verified and log user in
Add Email Verification To Sign Up
Design Landing Page Components/Product Shots
Create a landing page with sign up form
Wire up authentication
Choose DB - Postrges or Mongo
Register domain
Get real quotes on Underengineerd landing page
Come up with app name
Create apollo server
Go through GraphQL tutorial
Ship Pliik to production
Find a few test users for Pliik launch
Wire up a sign up form
Get Feedback on Underengineerd landing page design