Nomads: What bag(s) do you use to bring your camera gear with you?

Depends, what are you looking for
- DSLR, micro4/3? how many camera, lenses? Do you have a tripod, a gorillapod, which size?
- how do you want to travel? only carry-on backpack? + daypack? or checked suitcase?

Personally, I'm quite minimalistic: one micro 4/3 body, one lens, one mic, 3 batteries, so i use a dopp kit that i put in my daybag ( - i miss my gorilla pod do and i'll take it next time i go near original country. I also have another dopp kitt tha ti use for 2 HDD.

Otherwise, if i had to buy something dedicated, i'll probably look into , the messenger and the everyday bag are really nice, quite sturdy and come in different size.

I might still get the messenger 15" to use as a daybag.

this is interesting. I really (right now) only carry my camera with a small lens, and one other bigger lens for farther away shots. My setup is very small and I don't want a bag that is camera-only.

I've seen the peak design everywhere and may go check it out tonight actually. I want an all around bag that can carry a bunch of different things and it looks like this might be able to do that. One bag that recently came out that I"m thinking about checking out is this one:…