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Gaining your initial 100 users poses a significant challenge, and without effective promotional strategies for your startup, you risk investing time in building something that remains unfamiliar to others. Let me outline some successful tactics I employed to acquire my first 100 users.

1. Developed a landing page featuring a compelling call-to-action (CTA) like "Join our waitlist," which directed users to a Google Forms page. This form collected only the user's name and email, utilising the free and feature-rich platform of Google Forms.

2. Established social media profiles for the platform and consistently made at least two posts per day, incorporating relevant hashtags to enhance presence and visibility on these platforms.

3. Shared platform posts, content, and links with friends, encouraging them to share this material on their social pages as well, thereby maximising visibility and expanding the audience reach.

4. Created top-notch and user-friendly content using Canva, covering a variety of formats such as videos and pictures.

5. Set up a free account on MailChimp to share platform launch updates and engage users who signed up for the waitlist, fostering ongoing communication and involvement.

By consistently implementing these strategies, my platform now boasts over 600 users, with new users joining every day. Stay tuned as I will be sharing numerous additional growth strategies.

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Very useful information. I'm going to do that for my Car Tuned project and will let you guys know the result!