Michael Quaynor


I'm a software developer with skills to help build a better world. I like tech, entertainment & fun
Joined November 2022
Announcing the Launch of Kuuote! We are proud to announce the launch of our platform, designed to help you to be motivated, share your experience with people, connect with your favorite motivational speakers, mentors, therapists & a lot more. We have built our platform with the user in mind, and we invite you to discover its many benefits. You can Kuuote as a stress reliever, a personal habit support and great platform to learn from experiences. We are excited to share our platform with you and we invite you to explore it today. Sign up now and start using our platform to motivate yourself.We have more to come in the coming weeks & we'll do our best to update the platform with a lot of satisfaction. If you wish to support the platform, you can Buy me us a coffee:  Thank you for being part of our journey, Visit the platform: kuuote.com The Team at Kuuote
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