multiple phone numbers setup

I see some makers who use multiple phone numbers on their mobile devices.

What is your setup?

I guess you have a primary phone number for personal use using the local provider of your residence and a secondary temporary number for specific purposes, such as using Airalo while traveling?


I have 4 phone numbers:
- Physical SIM: US carrier (where I'm from). Used for WiFi calling/texting friends from back home. This is a cheap 1gb data/unlimited call+text plan that costs about $7/mo
- Thailand eSIM: 20GB data and texting/calling. This is my primary as I live in Thailand these days. Costs $12/mo
- Google Voice 1: Old phone number. Have it set up to forward to my US number because some people forgot to update their contacts and still text me on my old number. Free.
- Google Voice 2: Just used for my business texting/calling so I don't get customers inbounding on my personal phone number. Free.

Mine is very simple:
- eSim for my home country, it also works in all of the EU
- physical sim, if I need to go in a country outside of the EU, usually in Asia

It's usually a bit easier to buy physical SIM than eSIM abroad, but it's changing.

I still couldn't figure out why I should buy any "travel sim." I tried it once a few years ago and found it more annoying than helpful. But maybe it has changed too.