More gamification in WIP?

My thought is to add badges/titles for lifetime progress i.e. ship 10/50/100/1000 things, answer 1/5/10/50 questions, ship x things in one day, ship x things on a Sunday, ship x things after midnight etc.

imo these would motivate me to ship stuff, but without pressuring me to work every day

They can also be used to promote new features and encourage people to use under-used features

I also saw Marc talking about how to welcome new people into the community as it grows. I used to work for a social network that was gamified and we gave badges for welcoming noobies. If you sent a message to someone containing 'welcome' within an hour of them signing up, you earned +1 towards a badge. Something similar could work here

Would love to hear what other people think ✌️

Great idea! Especially that noobie badge. If that works, it'd be great for the community.

Personally, i see these things as a distraction - I prefer things being simple.