made four sales of intern job ads at £30. It's pretty cheap and I'm going to get some publicity soon. Increase to £50?

i personally would. but follow your intuition.

how have things went this last week?

Yeah, so I increased it to £49 over the weekend. Had four sales last week at £30 each. Can see how next couple of weeks go at the higher price and change if needs be.

you really could be onto something here ...

advertising living wage internships is smarttttt.
whats you're page analytics looking like?

whats your % it rate. how many tweets / emails for one sale?
also, do you mind linking me to some tweets you've sent?

if you managed to build users up, im sure loads of companies would want to advertise there.
i would just focus on the styling of the site. i still feel it can be improved.

you could even try and build in recurring revenue soon.
how are you aggregating all the internships?

Hey, so!

I sent 12 tweets to get 4 sales. So that's a good ratio.

O agree I need to improve the design. It's a battle of time as I also need to work on sales. I'm going to add bootstrap this week so it looks good on mobile.

I'm mostly finding leads on twitter and job sites.