Looking for other devs familiar with Firebase, Firestore, Cloud Functions, Apps Script

Hi there, 

Who is also familiar with Firebase, Firestore, Cloud functions and/or Google Apps Script? 

I run most things in/on Google. It works fine for me, I can code some things and Google wil run it. I code everything in javascript or typescript. 

Regards, Peter

More familiar with the AWS equivalents (they're free and I'm used to them), but what's the context behind your post? Do you have a question about those technologies?

I'm working with this stack for years, almost no surprises anymore. It would be nice to find some 'peers' or other 'pro s' to chat with, or to coorperate with.

Do you code everything in TS/Node as well on AWS?

Got it, cool. My preferred stack is Golang (backend) and Vue.js with plain JavaScript (frontend) so that's what I usually work with. Not much of a fan of Node for backend development for various reasons (I find that it's too easy to block the event loop when you don't mean to) but a lot of people love it, so I might be the minority opinion

I use stenciljs for front-end. Cloud functions and apps script for back end. So basically everything in TS and JS.

Apps Script sounds a bit crappy or cheap, but it works very nice for a lot of things. Very easy to write a function and then just create a trigger for it.