Landing page feedback

Hello WIP community,

As we are having our first launch on Product Hunt in 3 days! I would appreciate some feedback for our landing page:

Support our launch:

Hi Ana! Here's some quick feedback:

There's a lot of text on the page before we get to the price, and call-to-action. I'd try and remove as much text as possible.

Show, don't tell. You've got a visual product, so just visually show how it works and the steps it takes. Rather than explaining it through text.

You do a good job at this further down the page showing the input versus output images.

I'd add an arrow in between to signify you turn left into right.

Even after removing a lot of the text, you'll still have quite a bit left probably. That text I'd left-center if it spans more than 2-3 lines. Because centered text is hard to read. Especialyl if it's many lines.

The text could also be a bit bolder. Considering you have a busy background (photo instead of solid color), having the text be a bit stronger makes it easier to read.

As for the product itself, I think it's an interesting idea and quite timely. I'd love to see a bit more variety in the photos you generate though (right now they all seem to be roughly the same pose?) and maybe go the extra mile and turn it into a virtual postcard with a handwritten note, etc.

I think the easiest way to make that technically is to just generate that looks how you want the postcard to look, and then use a "url-to-screenshot" service to automatically turn that into an image.

For example we have which we take a screenshot of and then is used as the social media card when sharing your profile on Twitter, etc.

You can do something similar to generate a bunch of postcards with dynamic text (as entered by the user) with a nice "handwritten"-like font.

Or you can just have your customers share a link to this postcard webpage instead.

If you then also provide people with a way to send these cards to their friends/family, you can get a viral loop going where you and convert those recipients into customer as well.

Best of luck and happy holidays!

@marc Thank you so much for all the great feedback and ideas. We will do what we can to implement before the launch and the rest will follow.
For example the virtual postcard with a handwritten note is something that we consider the next step, so we will see if this is doable in this iteration.

Thanks again for your time and ideas

THIS 👉 [@marc said] "provide people with a way to send these cards to their friends/family, you can get a viral loop going where you and convert those recipients into customer as well."

This will be much more viral if you don't force people to do too much for themselves.

Email: Of course, allow people to download the images, but also give people an easy way to input 3-5 email addresses and send the image as an e-card.

Traditional Mail: [upsell] for an additional fee (yay upsells!), allow people to input 3-5 postal addresses and a short message and send the image as a physical postcard (or letter) by integrating with the API. It's super simple and affordable. Allow them to purchase more than 5 (or blocks of 5 maybe? you decide whatever's easiest). Thanks also can do letters or gift cards, so you can get creative with upsell packages.

Social: [upsell] Offer a pack of special holiday-themed Couples Social Images sized for profile images and social header/banner images in the sizes needed for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They can download the images as a zip. Some couples really love to do shared things on their social accounts (esp for Halloween, Christmas, and New Year's), why not make it easier!

I love the idea of a physical postcard! we would definitely add this features in future!
I check your API, all i have see for now where not easy to use, like custom price or whatever

@martindonadieu Not sure I understand. isn't my service, just a good service I use to send postcards. I'm happy to answer any questions if I can.

yea i mean the one you shared ahah !
thanks a lot i didn't found that one direct my initial research

thanks @marc for the feedback!
here is the link for the postcard page if you wanna roast it too ^^…

@kenwallace appreciate a lot your ideas! I really like the idea of enabling them to share the postcard digitally. For now, we have added the postcard feature, inserting the AI generated picture into a postcard and you can see that in the landing page "What you get" section.

We will definitely consider the upsell packages after the launch and after the first feedbacks. Ideally, soon we will be able to send them via post as well.

Many thanks and wishing you a Happy New Year!