🎉 Keyboard Shortcuts are here!

With the latest version 1.1.0 WIPfred supports keyboard shortcuts to quick launch the find, todo and done commands.

However it is quite impossible to set sane defaults for global shortcuts that fit the need of everyone. Thats why the default shortcuts are empty.

You have to go into your Alfred Preferences and select the WIPfred Workflow. Then you can set the shortcuts !

Cool! Is it possible to upgrade the Workflow from within Alfred, or do we need to use npm? In the case of the latter, feature request: being able to update from within the workflow (maybe even with the occasional check if there are new updates?)

Well thats not really possible. As Alfred does not have support for these kind of things.
You actually should get a message that a new version is available after a release in npm.

The only other solution would be to use Packal.

But as far as I remember people need to install it also, to manage their alfred packages.
And not sure how good the publishing workflow is with packal.