Just launched Job Board

Hi All,

The first roast, so go easy!!

I've just launched my first side project, it's a job board dedicated to digital agency jobs. There are loads more to add some exciting features.

I'm just looking for some pointers really, really want to try and grow it and try and promote it to other agencies.

I've managed to get a couple of people to add jobs so far.

Is there anything that you feel I'm missing?

Hey, Scott! I take a look at your site, it looks quite clean. I think would be cool to add some notification features. F.e. if I visit your page and didn't find a position in a specific location or specific skills, might be cool to have a way to save email and keep notified if the position will be added.

Hi Vlad, thanks for the comment, do you mean maybe like a push notification or a signup form that's fixed to the bottom of the page?

Yeah, kind of. But it should be available to get access to the feature from top of the page quickly (navigation button or so) and save filters by tags f.e. like "Liverpool (Remote)", "Frontend", "Lead Developer", and so on