Is there any way to post Github commits automagically as completed todos?

GitHub offers webhook and various integrations including Zapier

I don't know if it works, but there is a wipchat zapier integration here:

It might be funny, but the trend for me at the moment is not committing any single thing on the repo. I use /done instead. 😂

I'll write a blog post or Twitter thread if @marc allows me 😁

not sure to understand, if you don't want to commit any single thing, what should be posted automagically then? :)

😂 Not committing means you run a chance of loosing your code.

Wow, I've been tricked by the UI, I was thinking that @wilbertliu was the original poster that replied that finally he won't commit :) sorry 🤯

Whoops. Probably because you received an email about it?

Nope, my eyes didn't check the right section of the page, as you can see in my screenshot, this si ambiguous if I'm the original author adding some body to my title or a commenter :)

Exactly! 😄 However, that’s too much worry in my stage. I better worry on the other things.

Wait, where does you code go if you don't commit it?

On my local machine. With git setup. No commits yet.

I think I’ll commit once the MVP gets done. 🙂

Ended up using @marc WIP script and made a copy in each repo for easy access... Added it in .ignore to make sure my API key is *not published to GitHub by mistake.... Now when I do a commit, I am trying to create a habit of running "ruby wip.rb" where the script asks for what I did and add the message to create the todo. Thanks @marc for building this.

I wrote a Github app with "opinions" that helps me achieve this. If anyone else is interested, hit me up and I would help you set it up :)