Is there any privacy friendly emoji .ws domain (e.g. 🚧❤️.ws) registrar? **Except Godaddy**

I already have 2 emoji .ws domains on Godaddy, and I'm looking for a place to transfer them. You can purchase a privacy protection option on GoDaddy on renewal but when I check the price, it's a way too much. I receive a lot of domain related spam email on weekly basis and I want to hide my personal information. If you know a privacy-friendly domain registrar which support emoji domain, please let me know! Thank you🙏

Namecheap offers this service, including in the price. Even my local host in South Africa ( is offering this now.

Thank you! But namechap don’t support punycode domain for now 😰 I contacted the namechap support before I post this question here, and they told me that they didn’t and didn’t have ETA for it neither

Did not realise that Namecheap do not offer emoji domains. Maybe Hover might offer all you need. (hope this helps :)

Thank you So much! This one is working! And price is much lower than Godaddy. I will let you know if I could successfully transferred my domains.