is considered 'disrespectful' if I send e-mails to companies about my products?

or what is a better approach?

Can you be more specific?

Like a cold call, talking about the benefits of using my product.

its fine as long as its a company that is likely to be interested. ie you sell football app to a football team. Maybe try finding people from twitter to follow at the company as this makes it more personal. I'm doing that for cold emails at the moment and had a few sales as people can see the person behind the message.

#twocents If those companies are targeted and you're reaching out to them to conduct research / see if they might benefit from your product, then it's not disrespectful at all.

In the case that you actually have something they need, then it's a win-win!

You can avoid being too "salesy" by:

  • Being humble and asking, as opposed to telling.
  • Remembering that people are busy, so being respectful of people's time and keeping it succinct.
  • Remembering that you're trying to serve them with your product.