Is anyone here using PostHog? Do you recommend it over Mixpanel?

Hey, if you are using PostHog, could you explain the pros and cons vis-a-vi Mixpanel?

And if you recommend another "product intelligence" tool, could you write it down?

PostHog can be self-hosted, potentially allowing you to save money as an indie hacker.

Unlike Mixpanel, PostHog has session recordings, allowing you to watch customers use your product like it's Netflix :)

Been using Posthog for a while, it's a lot cheaper compared to mixpanel and most things work well out of the box but you do need some custom work to make it perfect (which is an upside and downside)

overall I think it's a pretty solid tool and it has everything I need atm

all I know that it's a pain to install it :)

@Tom How come? Isn't it just a JS script?

it probably is, but if you want to host it yourself then it's a pain.

Doesn't have to be self-hosted, their hosted free plan is a good start:

Do you mean the optional back-end integration? Which platform?

If you're using Next.js it's pretty straightforward to install. Dashboard much clearer than Mixpanel's IMHO. Recordings are nice. I also just discovered for more logging/error tracking, they also have recordings that works quite well.

Thank you - will probably go with Posthog, the open source part of it speaks to me.

They are different solutions.

Posthog provides product analytics, session recording, feature flagging and A/B testing. So its astack of products.

Mixpanel is only specially designed for product analytics.
We have been using mixpanel for marketing and sales as well, and it has been showing an incredible efficiency in data.

If you are looking for product analytics software with additional solutions, Posthog is more suitable for you.
If what you want is just an high end product analytics platform, Mixpanel would be your choice.

Hey! @popperz0r - thank you this is very rich feedback, sounds like you tried a few of these solutions.

I think PostHog for now for me, as I like the open source elements of it. Will see how I get on.

I self-hosted it 2 years ago when it was still easy to self-host. I loved it. I installed it for the screen recording, but kept it for the dynamic events and reporting.