Invite for WIP people: streaming myself building live on twitch tonight

Not really a question, but just wanted to invite anyone who wants to join watch me build a startup on Twitch at 8 PM eastern tonight and every other Tuesday night in the future at the same time. I'll be building one of my WIP projects (☒ ) on a weekly basis.

The link is: - click follow to get notified when I go live.

Tonight I'll probably be building the "send login email" functionality and anything else I have time for in a ~2 hour time span. Might go longer than 2 hours depending on how much I'm enjoying streaming coding seeing as this is my first time doing it - feel free to drop in/out any time after 8 PM eastern.

Hope to see you there!

I just saw this, but I'll definitely come to the next one if you know when you're doing it in advance!

@thecatstickler No worries, streaming every week on Tuesdays @ 8 PM eastern. Feel free to tune in next week!

Interesting experiment! Lmk how it works out, thought about streaming aswell but definitely need either a high-spec mac or a dual pc setup. Will do it when I'll move into a proper office lol (rn I work on an xps 13 w ubuntu and its awesome for web dev)

It’s interesting - I find that my concentration is a bit off while streaming. I really need to get in the zone to write good code, so I had to go back and rewrite a couple things that I wrote during the stream. That said it’s fun and I might get used to it so I’m going to try again. Highly recommend getting Twitch Studio, it makes it easy.

And yes, a good gpu is probably good to have. I have a rtx 3080 because I play some games when I’m not building startups, and it just ended up working well for this use case too.

That's sick! Which games do you play? I remember seeing some rust stuff in yr twitter but not sure lol

I operate a Rust server where a few people pay me for vip subscriptions:

But in terms of games I actually play: modern warfare 2, and my buddy really wants me to get the new Diablo. Mostly focused on startup stuff right now though, so all my time and attention is going to launching products

And yes I actually had a project that I was working on to get big quickly on twitch but streaming isn't my focus. I prefer privacy. Though, w a maxed out mbp 16 I think I could stream and code on the same machine, lowering the threshold... Maybe doing that a couple times per week, like geohot does, would be cool...

Yeah exactly, I’m just starting with once per week. Feels like less of an invasion of privacy that way.

Nice. I'm more worried about privacy in general, wouldn't want to do something like this until I have a team that's developing the bulk of the sw along me. That way I'm sure even if someone steals something it's not gonna be that bad...
Plus, I'm pretty secretive in general, but I guess I need to get out of my comfort zone to grow! Thx for sharing all of that, appreciate you :)

I'm also a private person that doesn't like a ton of attention, but I'm forcing myself to be more open as running a business requires you to talk to users and make your presence known to some extent (at least, if you care about how your product is received). I see it as a way to get exposure as well - someone might watch the stream and decide to buy the product when it's done because they liked the fact that I was open enough to stream the process of building it, who knows.

I also think it's hard for someone to steal your entire codebase just by looking at a few frames of a video where you had a couple files open. If you structure your code in a modular way, all of the code won't be in one file anyway so they would be missing many pieces of the puzzle if they wanted to copy your work

Just make sure you don't accidentally look at your environment variables with a secret value visible on the screen. I may or may not have done that by accident and may or may not have had to rotate some API keys after the stream was done :)