Imagine you need a solution to enable customers to manipulate photos (e.g. a profile picture) on your SaaS, what search terms would you use

My take: saas to edit picture on client

How to let the users customise the picture on the Client side?

“Image Editor JavaScript”

Thanks all, interesting to see how different the search queries are 🤔

javascript image cropper or javascript image filters depending on what I'm looking to do.

I would look for example code. I prefer vanilla javascript over libraries as they usually come with a lot of features I don't need. I might still end up using a library though, if it's lightweight.

( Might be worth writing some blog posts for different JS frameworks including plain old JS, with simplified ways of doing what your library does. Then when somebody wants extra functionality they know where to find you. )

I would use image processing library javascript or image processing in javascript