If someone has a twitter handle I want, any other way to reach them besides tweeting at them?

It's reallllllly hard cause most of these handles that people really wish they had are mainly inactive af.
Twitter is a first class jerk when it comes to this:…
Buying usernames is illegal and you can get into trouble big time..

Ugh. And oh yes, it's an inactive account of course. One tweet 4 years ago and 2 followers. Give it to me, person. I will love it and take care of it.

Only if things worked that way, Jill..

I've heard some people had success by registering a trademark and then filing a trademark infringement complaint. I've also read stories debunking that this works. They say it only works if the account is actively impersonating your brand.

I'm not sure what to believe, but it might be worth a shot depending on your situation.