if I put anchor tags round a modal can I link to it that way?

You can, but it's not the best practice.

If you want the whole area to be clickable, a better approach might be to add position: relative; to the parent element (the modal). Then add an empty Anchor element just before the closing tag of this element. Set the anchor to be absolutely positioned and span the full height and width of the parent.

You shouldn't need to, but one thing to be wary of with this approach is that you might need to adjust the z-index of the anchor element so that it always sits on top of the modal content.

Thanks mate. I had to make a quick solution last night so just added the job to the website. But will work on a long term fix like you suggested at the weekend .

I've made a proper solution for AddGoals.…

So how this works is that you need to implement something that's called "parallel states". This way the modal can be opened from anywhere and can load anything you want behind as well.

When opened from a specific location it will remember what's behind.