I would appreciate some feedback on the app description for Z-index

Please, add more gifs and video demos. Too much focus on money. It would be great to have 80% less text about pricing. Then much more demos. License at the very end.

Cool player, by the way! Sometimes I need it too.

Thank you Max, I've deleted most of the pricing related text and moved the license part to the end. I'm working on a demo video and on a landing page too, but need more time for those... videos are hard to make for me.

Summarise the problem and the solution. Maybe provide a link to the full version because I did find it very interesting.

I've published the landing page, here you can find it:

Its a nice app. But, I think Mac users prefer Safari due to it eats less battery than Chrome or Firefox & that comment about Safari would be too much for some people. Some people are too sensitive. Checkout… if you don't believe me 😂

I'm Mac user and prefer Chrome, I only use Safari to access my other AWS console :D

I was earlier using it. But I place my Mac on my lap & after opening a lot of tabs in Chrome it started consuming more power & got a lot heated so I switched to Safari. Now I only use it when developing Web Apps nothing else.

Thanks for the tips. I think it's not offensive, that's just a bit of humor to show that Safari isn't that popular compared to Chrome and FF. Sometimes I also use it, but very rarely.

Yeah its not offensive but sometimes people just want to make something offensive because they can. That product hunt link of the book is not offensive but people took it 😂

🚀Boom! The landing page is up and running with the demo video, any feedback on that is welcomed:

Very cool! Can't wait to try it out.