I want to build an app. Should I just go with Firebase for the backend OR care making my own using Python/NodeJS etc...?

It won't be a small project IMO. That is, I should be able to get some users and hence, stay motivated to work on it, and keep adding features.

Will I miss out if I just go ahead with Firebase or Parse? I want to save time if possible.

Freelance Software Engineer, India + Remote

SAVE TIME UNLESS YOU KNOW YOU CAN SHIP YOUR OWN SOLUTION VERY QUICKLY (not more than 2x than using firebase etc..)! DON'T BE ME. caps lock is a choice, I am screaming to you and to myself!

Freelance Software Engineer, India + Remote

Thanks for your answer. It helps me realize that I should be able to ship my own backend quite quickly. I don't have prior Firebase experience, and though it was made to save time, that time saved would be ineffective in my case since I would have to do a lot of googling.

I assumed you knew firebase, but if you don't so goes with tools you are familiar. When your product will make money, you will be motivated enough in doing a transition if you need it

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