I need some quick feedback on a software license structure.

This is about a plugin you purchase and with which you receive support and updates.

I've got two setups and am wondering which one I should go with.
  1. A Yearly subscription model that auto-renews, which would result in a product description somewhat like this:
Price 89 EUR yearly Always access to the latest version Continuous support

  1. Single fee for a year and then optionally extend, which would result in a product description like this:
Price 89 EUR One year of updates One year of support

The second option seems most appealing to me. I might not need the updates so I don’t want to pre-commit to buying them.

Additionally, it makes it sound quite good that I not only get the current version but also any updates in the next year.

I’m not sure how I would feel about having to pay the same full price again the next year. I think I would expect a reduced price for another year of updates. So for example $99 to get the plugin with a year of updates. And added that year I can extend my license for $49.