I need an advice


Yesterday I decided to post about my product on different forums and Facebook groups to get some feedback and beta testers to help me validate the idea.

On one of those forums, one person asked me a bunch of questions and of course I answered them enthusiastically. At the end she said that she's working for my competitors, thanked me for the info and started to sell her product to other people in the comments.

After that another competitor came and started to share their product.

What do I do?

Should I delete the post?

In my opinion you don't need to delete the post. Stay with it. 😊

Competition is inevitable, so is the bad ethics. The best way to encounter those acts is to be who you are. Don't get provoked. Elegantly show your value proposition and let the market judge whether or not what you sell is valuable to them.

And those that asked you a bunch of questions actually helped the exposure of values that you proposed. A good marketing I guess? 😉

Go go go Anna! 🔥

Thanks for the answer! I was pretty discouraged after that incident, never thought that things like this happen. But you're right it's better than worse.

It's actually quite good that that happened! It means your competition is pretty sketchy, and we are well set now in the age of radical transparency!

This is great news for you. Double-down on being transparent and forth-coming and let the sketchy competition take care of themselves.

100% agree with Wilbert here. It's a much better test of your product, honestly, than if the competitors didn't show up. You may have even learned of competitors you previously weren't aware of. Deleting the post doesn't hurt your competitors at all. It will only hurt you if you delete.

If they are able to grab customers off that post, pay attention to what customer need they are serving which is covering customers? Learn from them & don't worry about competitors. The pie is big enough and you just need to grab a slice for yourself.