How would you name this? 🤔 I've built a commitment device for bloggers but I need help choosing a good name.

I've been building a commitment device for bloggers for the last weeks.

I had the name Write or Die in mind but silly me I've just realized there's another app with the same name. Now I'm pondering other names but I feel I've lost perspective - so I need your help. 

For context, it's a website where you set a deadline for your next blog post and a price. If you don't publish it on time, you pay. Similar to Stickk or Go Fucking Do It but only for bloggers (for now) and you have to show your live post to me or my (future) assistant.

Which name do you like the most?
  • Post or Die
  • Publish or Die
  • Blog or Die
  • Post or Pay
  • Blog or Pay
Other name ideas are welcome. Cheers!

**If it works I'll expand it to other niches, as you can see here. I'd make a version for entrepreneurs (Ship or Die), for YouTubers (Upload or Die), for musicians (Release or Die), etc. That's why some of the name ideas above have the "- or Die" in the name.  

Publish Bounty

@aleramon Note: because it's money you get (back) only if you publish. And Post is too generic if you plan on making other versions as you explained. Publish is still a bit generic, but I associate it with reading material more than Post. Blog Bounty would work for me as well.

my 2 cents: Or Die is better than Or Pay. Nobody likes paying

That's what I thought! But then I asked bloggers in a few forums and almost everyone disliked any "-or Die" ending. They found it too aggressive.

Post or Pay turned out to be the most popular name. That said, that they like a name doesn't mean that it would be the most effective one, especially when it comes to catching their attention.

And now I'm wondering: True that nobody likes paying. But when paying is part of the value you offer (they pay if they fail, and that's the point of using the product), do you think it's still ineffective to have it in the name?

Interesting! I think or Die is a bit extreme but it also draws attention.

Post or Pay has that wonderful alliteration P-P. Maybe theres a third option & words that come to mind: 'Wager', 'Stake', 'Lose' but these probably don't fit your 'Or' format well. I feel like Im not helping so I'll stop. Maybe 'Publish or Pay'?

You're helping!
I've asked in various forums and it seems like most bloggers do like a lot the P-P alliteration of Post or Pay. I will go on with this name for now, I hope to have a bit of press attention by the time New Year resolutions hit :) (which is often the best time of the year for products like this).
Thanks for the input!

Ah yes that makes sense. Good luck with it Aleix :)

Interesting idea @aleramon.

Here is a derivate:

"Heyday or Payday"

Or: short & punchy: "Hey or Pay"

With the optional version being "Hay or Pay" (depending on how "funny" you wanna be).