How would you monetize a ride sharing service for skiers? #skipool

Skipool is a niche product that I've been iterating on for some 8 years now. It has always served a purpose for the select few that used it. The purpose being connecting people who'll travel to a place where you can ski with people who also want to go there. Letting people meet like minded individuals, spend time outdoors while also reducing the number of cars travelling.

For this latest iteration I decided to once and for all give it a real shot at being a service people (more than the "select few") use and love.

However I'm fully aware that a service can't exist without an inkling of a business model. Being a developer by trade this isn't really where my strengths are so I'm trying to explore ideas and options.

The user journey can be described as:

  • Authenticate yourself (Signup/Login)
  • Create or Find a trip
  • Add a car or book a seat in one
  • Go on the trip and meet awesome people
  • Repeat

Current ideas:
- "Native advertising" i.e. Sponsored trips by resorts or such
- Support payments from passengers to drivers (split costs etc) and taking a transaction fee

I once got a free ride to a hotel, and got a stack of coupons from the driver. The hotel and/or taxi service were charging companies to be included in the coupon book. Business trip, so did not use many of the coupons. Maybe an idea.

Thank you, definately some form of selling experiences on location or upselling other types of things is a good idea to explore!

Since MRR is all the rage I've been thinking about this structure, super non-validated though!
Memberships (everything is a placeholder 😑):
- Basic (free)
- Create public trips and add non-restricted cars
- Book seats in cars in any available trip
- Pro (💰)
- Create x amount of private trips /month
- Early bird notifications (or something like that)
- Business (💰💰)
- Pro +:
- Unlimited amount of private trips
- Reports: for example, paying out compensation to drivers.
- Business Plus (💰💰💰)
- Business +:
- Create "branded" trips (native ads)
- Logos, external links, campaigns etc
- Statistics (marketing value etc)
- More visibility on site etc

Potential targets:
Pro - Individual enthusiasts, "small group of friends and/or family", ...
Business - non-profits, ...
Business plus - resorts, travel agencies, ...