How to improve conversion on Twitter profile visits to trial users?

I am getting a lot of impressions and profile visits. But conversion is not happening. What am I making wrong, and I really appreciate any suggestions to improve it?

Initially, i have not provided an option to use the bot without an account. Right now, I enabled it for a few services to use as a guest account. 

Here is the analytics from twitter

The description says it's a twitter bot, Most users don't like to follow a bot, That's probably why not many people are following it.

Thanks for the feedback @yhdesai

Yes, following twitter bot one of the option. User can create account and get to access all the services that has to offer without following. My aim is not to get the users to follow rather convincing them to try the service first. Maybe I have to remove that barrier with follow clause for the non-user account and execute demo testing to see the result.