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Build My Ideas Occasionally in Public. Developing @heyfromapp. Learning marketing to promote heyfromapp.com
Joined January 2022
Started learning Shopify API for new app
Daily tweet demo to promote #heyfromapp. Organic inflow is very slow 1-2 users trying the app.
Twitter thread saving service updated with index, extracted metadata from tweets, etc. #heyfromapp
daily demo tweets to promote #heyfromapp
daily demo tweets and added one new user #heyfromapp
landing page copy updated to have less words
daily cold tweet demo to #heyfromapp. I am started seeing some responses after I introduced some changes in my tweet copy. Had a couple of followers to the bot account
deployed minor design changes to tweet screenshot - bug fixed: list content rendered as paragraph #heyfromapp
Updated new logo to WIP product page #heyfromapp
Designated @heyfromapp Twitter account as Automated #heyfromapp
New logo to #heyfromapp, I felt the previous one was rigid and static. Since my app is Twitter-based gone for a bird theme.
Responded to Twitter API restriction. Issue: API: Restricted: Unsolicited @mentions. Waiting game is started to get the access back. #heyfromapp
Completed A New Twitter Profile to Image Creation Service #heyfromapp. To Try @heyfromapp #profileImage
Daily cold tweets to promote #heyfromapp
Started twitter profile image generation work as new service to #heyfromapp
Daily cold demo tweets to users #heyfromapp
Increase the Twitter image profile in the screenshot
Create demo video for #weather service #heyfromapp
Increased profile image size in Tweet screenshot #heyfromapp
Completed daily cold tweet demo of #heyfromapp. Here are some of the screenshots created by Twitter Bot.