How to get a protected account?

I see Levelsio has a protected account. I want that too. I see that every WIP entry is indexed by Google and there isn't a setting to turn that off. Not very privacy friendly.

Why not just reserve those thoughts for a protected twitter account/personal notepad and not post them on a site specifically meant for public consumption? I say that because the whole idea behind this site is to support people who are building in public, it kind of goes against the purpose of “build in public” to make everything private

I don't want it completely private but everything being indexed to Google is a bit much don't you think. I don't know what setting levelsio account has but to see his posts you have to be logged in to WIP. That's what I want.

@marc is the only one who can help you out with this :)

Thanks for pinging me! Will respond in top-level comment

Right now I need to manually enable it. The reason is because I want to set the right expectation and clarify it will not be 100% private and there will still be places where your activity might show up publicly.

Will enable it for you today. Anyone else can email me [email protected] to get it enabled. I will eventually add this as a profile setting on the site.