How to be SURE about your Google analytics setup?

Hello Guys, Like everybody here, I have plugged my website to Google Analytics but:
  • This is only a basic setup with the inserted code in my pages
  • I’m using only the main interpretation functionnalities
  • I think I can betterize this usage of analytics but I don’t know how
  • Do you know any great tutos on that subject?
  • Do you use another solution than Google analytics?
Cheeeeers, Piem

I setup Google analytics for the basics just like you. Recently heard an Indiehacker podcast episode (#11 I think) that suggests using the google console to do some real SEO stuff to increase your organic traffic.

Personally, I also use They track stuff, let you create hotspot maps of pages and records people's interaction. Something much more useful to tweak your website and check what works / fails.

Have used Clicky before. Easy to setup and useful. Have started this course on Google analytics…. So far, excellent.