How stupid am I being (asking for money without having anything to show)?

I am cold emailing some people, basically asking for money ($1,000 for 6 months upfront) to pay for a product I don't even have a prototype.

In 2019 we (wife and I) launched on HackerNews a job board focused on fighting the ageism in tech. It got massive response, #1 for 24 hours, featured on The Telegraph as well...Wikimedia, Monzo and others wanted to post on our board (which was free).

Unfortunately I hit the trough of sorrow and users had gone. I didn't make any money as I hadn't charged upfront.

I'm now trying to relaunch it, giving a massive discount for those who join before the launch.

I don't have a name for it. Don't have a landing page. Don't have anything now.

Would you think this is an stupid idea?


I would never pay for something like this - especially if I don't know the person. So unless they are your friends or you had some previous connection, I think it's going to be hard. Also, is this B2B or B2C?

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Can you start collecting their job offers right away, and maybe post them to newsletter as for now? Do the work manually while you don't have a product.

My friend had recently launched a job board using no-code tools and had gained some traction. Here's his story (google translate, original is in russian):…

Yes, I think that's the best option to start with. Do everything manually without charging anyone and see if it sticks

Sure thing. Will be very difficult to make people pay for it giving the fact that they don't know me, it's a cold email, asking for money.....

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