Aleks Bykhun


JS, hip-hop and coffee ☕️ full-time in crypto love VR 🤓 angel investor at 🦄
Joined July 2019
write a small article about buildship…
publish a twitter thread pitching #buildship
create a script to easily integrate smart-contract into your React app
launch website
message 3 prospectives #buildship
find great coffeeshop near my house to work from now that I quit my dayjob
fix unfollow bug with changed API #gramup
finish a project with a paying customer #gramup
release new Gram Up! version with Family support #gramupfamily
add online chat to #gramup
write an essay about my life and technical experience as a developer
write text for Gram Up! Family landing page #gramup
publish a landing page onto Github Wiki #gramupfamily
add sitemap to react GH pages website
write a landing page text for #gramupfamily
add Average Likes plot on the dashboard #gramup
update analytics tags #gramup
scheduling feature in #gramup
become a @wipbot pro