How much would you spend on an ai-related .com?

things like:

do you think is good compared to

What do you think is a good price for a 2/3 word domain including AI or GPT?

Hi, friend! 😄 So, first, the question should be "how much ROI is possible from (name)?"

For that, look at:

  • the product - what it is, use cases
  • the audience - who'd use it, what need it fills, benefits of your product vs others (so do a SWOT competitive analysis), define your TAM, SAM + SOM
  • the strategy - figure out where this product fits in your overall brand + monetization strategy (is it a free micro SaaS that leads to a more extensive SaaS that'll be paid?)
  • the MVP - release slowly, see if there's any interest for your product

It's honestly less about the name (which one you use) and more about how you're going to monetize it and what's the potential revenue based on your TAM, SAM, SOM and their need for what you're creating. If you're going to shell out thousands of dollars for a domain, you'll want to make sure you do this work before so you're confident it'll pay for itself.

good points! thanks Cat! defenitley wouldn't shell 1000s, maybe a 200-300 is okay 🤔

Also, unless people are in tech, they may not know GPT (outside ChatGPT) but they'd be more familiar with "AI," so keeping in mind your audience and their language will help.

Also, put it this way: Of the domains you mentioned, only is available. For $15,000. I, personally, wouldn't pay that price because -- for me -- the value isn't there. It's not aligned with my overall entrepreneurial ventures or any of my brands.

BUT that doesn't mean it's not for you. You'll have to weigh the cost ($15k) with the potential ROI.

The MOST I'd pay for something like that would be $500, and I'd have to be damn sure it'll pay off by having a clear AF strategy, complete with market + competitor research.

Can't believe it's up for 15k! Yeah I need to look into it a little, maybe build the thing before the's just gonna be a little marketing tool and wouldn't rely on it for more than 6 months

I don't like any of them.

I predict the terms AI and GPT will not age well.

Soon, when every product uses AI and GPT, it will be redundant to use the term in the name of the product.

Examples from history:
- cordless phone
- electric kettle
- color television

Yeah that is a good point, I'm with you on that! It'd be for short term hype if I went with one, like a marketing vehicle

I’d refrain from gpt to be honest because it might be copyrighted. I may be wrong though.

yeah, I wouldn't use it for a long term product

+1 - someone posted on reddit about getting (a very polite) cease and desist letter for using GPT in their domain name for AI related works.…