How else could I reposition museum inventory mgmt software?

I had built a basic but functional museum inventory management software. It exists both as web SaaS and desktop app for all OS.

The basic idea is you can track what "inventory" you've got in the museum, descriptions of these products based on various attributes, different pictures of it, log requests for repairs etc. There are a few different admin roles mainly differentiating what data they can see/add/edit.

How else could I re-position this product in a different industry?

e.g I came up with: a tech biz with ~500 employees might rent the software to track all sorts of inventory / repairs etc.

All suggestions welcome!

Hey Sarup, there is one story that may be interesting to you:…

It looks like their situation was similar to yours.
TL;DR they looked at what features were used the most and removed everything else. Only then scaled it.