How do you read books? 1 page each day or start to end if its interesting enough?

  1. Buy every book I'm interested in.

  2. Reading Pattern:
    -Start page 1. Read until I get bored.

  3. If it's boring then I go to the contents and then decide what to skim and what to focus on. I leaf through it going to the parts that I think will be interesting.

  4. If I find it interesting I finish the book. Aside from the information, reading in pleasurable.

  5. Have a pencil to circle things and write on the sides.

  6. I don't have a quantity to read.
    BUT I have a habit that I must read daily (articles are not included)
    At the beginning it's slow but eventually the pages start pilling up at a faster rate.

Quick book recommendation:
Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

I follow step 2!

What are your thought on it? I think it gets rid of putting books on a pedestal

That's a nice pattern. How many pages do you read now? And any specific time? Morning/Night?

I read at night and have a minimum of one word
I usually read from 5-100 pages a night.
Varies on a lot

Wow that's a lot 👏

Must require lot of time to read 100 pages?

Maybe 2 hours. Sometimes you go on a binge!

can't be blank

Me too, man. Nothing fictional but tech/saas/makers, etc... but I honestly never finish any. Halfway either I'm lost or bored or both 😂so I skip 🤣

I read books from the index.
And then I jump to the chapter interest me the most.
If I find myself uncomprehending to the topic, I go back to the index to see if there's a chapter which might explain it. (If there isn't, I just google the words unknown to me.)

I used to read books from the beginning to the end, but it was when I was a high school student when I have more time for reading. The less free time I have, the more stacks of unfinished books I get.
So I switched to that method.
I rarely read through books nowadays, but at least I gained useful information from books.

Think about why you bought the book for. It's not for finishing the book, but for getting information out of it.

Think about why you bought the book for. It's not for finishing the book, but for getting information out of it.

This is the best quote. Love it. Will definitely think about it.

I usually get bored after a while if it's uninteresting. Honestly never finished any books in school either. I just read answers to some questions. I'll try that approach now since reading 300 pages when the author has unnecessarily stretched the topic sounds stupid.

You feel uninteresting because you don't have an interest in this topic just yet. It's also common for authors stretch/repeat the topic too much.

I just read answers to some questions.
It's actually the best way for active reading.
how about making quote notes which you want to remember forever? You learn things much better than finishing books in a passive manner.

I mostly read from start to 30-50%. Usually after that I get bored and want to read something else.

Most of my time reading is done during travel.

Same but I'm way worse. I get bored very early 😂

From start to end. I'm a book nerd - I read and the whole world just disappears. When I was a kid I used to do stuff deliberately to get sent to my room, because that's where my books were. My mother never realised her punishment was actually a reward.

My mother never realised her punishment was actually a reward

You're a legend 😂

How much of it do you apply? Or is it just reading?

I remember most of it, but converting that knowledge to action/application ... Okay I'm pretty terrible at that. 😂