How do you prioritize your time to get stuff done?

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. However distractions, procrastination, and overthinking usually put a damper on my day-to-day progress and I'm stuck with one or two things done -vs- the four or five I thought I'd get through.

I see tons of people on here pushing out quality work, knocking out features, writing blog posts, or making videos day in and day out. While I don't need to be at that productivity level immediately, it's a nice goal I'd look forward to reaching toward.

So, how do you all prioritize your time to be able to consecutively push out quality work through one (or many) projects?

I recently started using a Bullet Journal to overcome similar issues. I don't think I'm really using it the way it supposed to be used, but what I now do is:

  • Every day, make a list of thing that I want to get done that day (or do this the evening before)
  • During the day, keep this list close and mark when an item is finished
  • Once finished, take a quick break (actually get up from your chair, walk around, go to the toilet, make coffee etc)
  • Look at your list and pick the next task
  • When making your next daily list, make sure to check last day(s) list(s) for unfinished tasks and decide if they're still relevant / add them to your day.

Besides that, I also have 1 page of stuff I need to get done that month. When making the daily list, the monthly list helps deciding on what to do.

This is the vid that got me started:…