How do you guys handle bookkeeping across multiple projects?

When I previously ran Chocolab, an ecommerce business with staff, I used QuickBooks and hired a bookkeeper and accountant so I could review my profit and loss ect.

Now that I am mainly working on a bunch of lower revenue projects as an indie hacker, I need a way to keep track of expenses and incoming in different projects as well as possibly expenses for services I use across them all (like a Jetbrains subscription etc) without the budget for a bookkeeper, so I want to do something myself.

What do you guys do?

Have you tried Freshbooks? You can spread your revenue and expenses across multiple projects. All of your projects would need to be under 1 business though at the time of reporting your income

I wrote a very simple google sheets template for tracking such things. Actually I even put it up on gumroad for sale, since some people kept asking me about it