How do you deal with an overload of DM’s in Telegram?

I'm losing track of DM's in Telegram. I'm curious to hear if any of you have any suggestions?

One "trick" I already use is pinning chats which I still need to respond to. That way they appear at the top of the list (on Mac and iOS at least) I can unpin them when I'm done. There's a maximum of 5 pinned chats however.

Then of course there's also the "unread badge", but I don't find it sufficient. Sometimes you need to reply with a quick message only to follow up later (by which time the unread badge is gone), plus with a long list of DMs it's easy to miss a few unread badges especially if they are further down the list.

Ideally Telegram would lift the 5-pinned-messages limit, include an option to "mark as unread" (or otherwise mark a chat), and let you filter only unread chats. AFAIK there are no Mac/iOS clients that have this functionality. Please correct me if I'm wrong :)

There are custom clients but I wouldn't recommend, read for the why. The best way I think is not to reinvent the Telegram for this, but to connect Telegram to a support system, like Intercom or etc, and manage support DMs there.

Otherwise, we would need to copy all the support system features (kanban-like boards, labels, etc) in a Telegram client and reinvent the wheel.

Maybe make wipbot save all the tags you get in WIP to a blank page with a link to each message. Then you can mark them as done there 😅

@pugson Yeah, a simple management system like that would work too! @marckohlbrugge, if didn't find a solution, build this next week? 🙃