How do you collect and browse visual inspiration?

Whenever I see a clever design technique I might want to draw inspiration from in the future I like to somehow bookmark it.

However, every app I've tried has failed me. In the past I've tried LittleSnapper (dead), Ember (dead), and most recently Pixave (unreliable).

I'm leaning towards just using Finder with tagged images, but I can't help to think there must be a better solution.

Pinterest Collections

Does it work well for you? I'm hesitant using something web-based, rather than a native app.

I used it for some time ago but I find too many inspirations so lost track of it. It works well if organised well but nowadays I put all my links in Standard Notes which is just like Apple Notes for Mac but works anywhere.
There's no visual aspect here though like Pinterest but just a way to store links organised. I would say give a shot to Pinterest bcz its quite good but I don't use it anymore :) which can connect to dribble another one is a taiwan product call eagle

I collect everything i see online and like on a Tumblr page:
Every now and then I scroll trough it when I need a bit of inspiration.