how do you avoid and fight analysis paralysis/over planning/perfectionism/etc?

I'm having this same problem...

kenw on the foundercafe forum said this to me:

Regardless of tech stack, this matters more:

1.are you solving a problem
2.for a customer who understands they have a problem, and
3.that customer is willing to pay someone to solve that problem, and
4.those customers are willing to pay you to solve that problem, and
5.there are enough of those customers willing to buy your solution, and have a way to find and market to them in a repeatable fashion enjoy the customers and helping them find a solution to their problem enjoy maintaining and improving the solution you have built.

If you can say yes to those things, who cares what the stack is, you’re gonna have good times.

Maybe key is to know what's important and what's not... just keep moving forward.

Looking at how popular website looked like when getting started can help:…

It’s really easy to say to yourself ‘this needs to be better before someone sees it’ and that’s just plain wrong. Most of us have the fear of rejection, and that’s normal and natural but also something that entrepreneurs need to ignore. Getting your product out early and into the hands of users for feedback is essential to a successful product. Building is an iterative process, and your product will never be perfect. Get to an MVP show it to someone, change it. Repeat.

You need both. You need both the critical thinking, analysis part, and the entrepreneurial mindset, ship it part.

Try to recognize when you’re just making the same thought loops in your head.

You can use schematic overviews of your thinking, look at systems thinking methodology. In other words, use a method for your analysis, so you are sure you’ve covered what you needed to.

If analysis is one of your strenghts, use it, it will be one of your advantages compared to others. The “move fast and break things” is not an overall truth. It can work, but in a world of information overload, thinking about your next move, based on facts and rational thinking combined with creativity, will get you further.

Book to read: Deep work